Rosalinda OropeZa randall


Rosalinda was born and raised in Southern California. She now resides in Northern California with her husband of almost forty years. She is immensely proud of her two sons. “Being their mom, was the best job I ever had!”

She credits her mother, for her youthful mindset and openness to opportunities. And her father who was a singer/supporting actor in the Los Angeles Mexican theater. Rosalinda is bi-lingual (‘Mexican’ Spanish), with an understanding of Portuguese.

She has been described as lively, good-humored, cooperative, courteous, trainable, not easily offended, tactful, and can be a bit wicked if necessary.

Acting experience: For over twenty years, she’s provided business-etiquette presentations to large and small audiences. And for over five years, she’s appeared on television and radio as an expert guest commenting on etiquette and how to handle sticky dilemmas. She believes that there is an element of “acting” involved in these circumstances.

But, improv class was the catalyst that prompted her to take action. She’s played roles from old Spanish-speaking grandma, experienced sales executive, to a cold-hearted cartel matriarch. Short films, Commercial work, training videos. And more recently, she has incorporated voiceover work.

When she’s not acting:

• She and her husband go out dancing.

• She is a quarter Syrian.

• She just got into pickleball and Tai Chi.

• She is an ambassador and volunteer for a program for formerly incarcerated women.

• She loves strong black coffee.

• She detests cilantro, fennel, and anything pickled!